Genshin Impact Shakes the Scene with a New Character Introduction! – Meet Chiori

Community reactions to the introduction and Japanese voice actor reveal for Genshin Impact’s latest character – Chiori!

Heads up, Genshin Impact fans! There’s a new character entering the fray, and the crowd couldn’t be more excited. The online community was abuzz when news of a character, Chiori, making their debut in the wildly popular game broke out.


  • User sentiment appears largely positive, most notably praising the character’s design.
  • The announcement of Chiori’s Japanese Voice Actor also stirred excitement.
  • Some users look forward to potential character team synergies and reference to other anime series.

Character Design Admiration

User ‘LivingASlothsLife’ gushed over Chiori’s look, stating, “I like her design, a lot.” Knight_Steve_ agrees, loving how colorful her outfit is. The general consensus: Chiori’s got style!

Big Names in the Voice Acting World

Sure, a character’s look is vital, but who’s bringing them to life! The reveal of Chiori’s Japanese Voice Actor led to fan comments such as “Same JP VA as Aura from Frieren and also Yuki Kaji’s Wife” from ‘Brandon1823’. Fans of voice actor ensemble whet their appetites for exciting reunions too!

Potential for Fun Team Synergies

Welcome to the world of team strategy! Gamers have already begun predicting their future dream teams including Chiori. Can you imagine teaming Chiori with Yui (Navia) for synergy? Or how about a harem anime-referencing lineup? The possibilities are, quite literally, a game-changer.

While her exact role remains to be seen, one thing for certain – Chiori’s arrival continues to stir curiosities and anticipations. Whether it’s her intriguing design, the big-name voice actor reveal, or the potential for new team combinations, Chiori is shaping up to be Genshin Impact’s next big thing. Keep an eye out for this one!