Genshin Impact: Quirky Inventory Shortage Players Face

Genshin Impact’s players share about the unconventional in-game items they frequently run out of.

The captivating world of Genshin Impact, a popular open-world online game, often presents unexpected challenges to gamers. This time, a question posed by user ‘SireTonberry’ highlighted an interesting aspect of gameplay – the weirdest items players often find themselves lacking in their inventory.


  • Unexpected item shortages create unique challenge in gameplay.
  • Some shortages attributed to play styles and character usage.
  • Most items, although seemingly abundant, can quickly deplete.

Funny shortages

User ‘TheHatter_OfMad’ bared their inventory soul, amusingly lamenting about ‘Arrow heads and Fungus Dust‘. ‘Ill_Kaleidoscope2931’ garnered giggles when they confessed to ‘[partaking in an] avian genocide‘ due to requiring fowl for one of the dishes.

Unconventional Shortages

It’s not always rare items that players fall short on. User ‘DailyMilo’, for example, found ‘Iron chunks‘ to be surprisingly scarce, prompting them to redirect their game expeditions to accommodate this. Elsewhere, player ‘Multifrank504’ revealed a shortage of ‘Arrow heads‘, a basic item available since Day 1.

The ‘Why’ Behind These Shortages

Out-of-stock items seem to stem from character preferences and play styles. ‘LeagueOfHurricane’ shared, ‘Iron chunks. They are extremely abundant in the overworld but I recently ran out of them in my inventory.‘. This is attributed to teapot furnishing needs and crafting requirements in the game, revealing how play habits significantly impact inventory contents.

Overall, it’s clear that Genshin Impact’s immersive gameplay often leads players into unexpected territory, with items previously assumed to be abundant becoming unexpectedly rare commodities. Write on below about your weirdest item inventory episode!