Genshin Impact Players Opine on the ‘Sentimental Value’ of the Travelers Clothes: Fans Want Change!

A lively online conversation yield insights into fans’ critiques and desires to upgrade the Traveler’s outfits in Genshin Impact.

In Genshin Impact, a surprising dispute has arisen over the issue of character apparel, specifically related to the main character, the Traveler. As it turns out, the Traveler’s habitual attire has garnered a lot of attention, sparking heated debate among fans on its stylish, yet sentimentally locked nature.


  • The fans have criticized the game developers for not allowing changes in the Traveler’s clothing which, in their opinion, lack variety.
  • Most feel that the ‘sentimental value’ explanation for the lack of outfit change is quite weak.
  • Some fans theorize economic or development reasons behind the lack of clothing options.
  • There is a general sentiment of the desire for variety and player customizations.

Debunking Sentimental Value

Many players, like PastStep1232, feel that the Traveler’s ‘my clothes have sentimental value’ reasoning is flimsy at best. They argue that the game creators didn’t need to provide a narrative reason for the Traveler’s sartorial choice and they could’ve avoided the issue by not raising it at all.

Jokes aside, A call for Change

Many comments, however, also had a humorous undertone, like WarShadower913x’s, who joked around the Traveler’s sentimental reasons and gamedev reasons, pointing out that the Traveler ‘won’t even shower’.

A Debate on Dev Decisions

User Responsible_Club_917 suggests that someone high up in the Genshin development team might not be a fan of skins in general. This opinion seems to resonate probably because Genshin, as a game, doesn’t have many skins when compared to other titles.

User leakmydata suggests economic reasons, arguing that the developers may focus more on designing new characters that likely generate more revenue.

A Rational Explanation

Fan HooterAtlas has put forward a rational theory suggesting that the Traveler’s clothes might augment their ability to use elemental powers, considering parts of their outfit change colors when they resonate with a statue.

Whether it’s outfits augmenting powers, game developers’ preferences, or an attempt to save in-game and real-world resources, the conversation about the Traveler’s outfit isn’t just about vanity or fashion, but intricately ties into the gameplay, narrative, and even the economic model of Genshin Impact. No definitive answer resolves this dispute, but hey, as they say in Teyvat, Adventure is out there!