Genshin Impact Players Divided: A Look into the Impact of World Quests on Overworld Landmarks

World Quests are shaking up Genshin Impact’s game world, leaving some fans thrilled and others not so much.

Genshin Impact’s offering of World Quests have become a major point of contention for players. While some users feel that these quests bring dynamic changes to an otherwise static game world, others are not too thrilled about these alterations, particularly when it diminishes their favorite landmarks. Today we dive deep into this controversy based on a post from an avid player, HeavyWeath3r.


  • The changes to the game world through World Quests stoke mixed emotions amongst players.
  • Some are alienated by the alteration of their favorite landmarks post a World Quest completion.
  • HeavyWeath3r specifically brings up the submerging of the Fontaine tower as a regrettable change.
  • The player sentiment is evenly balanced between love and dislike for these world changes.

Landmark Love

Player ChanvaX1 expresses admiration for the changes, stating that the transition of the lake’s large tree from dead to alive and glowing blue was “majestic.” They argue that remembering how your actions impacted the world gives Genshin Impact a unique quality.

Change Aversion

Players like ainasmth sides with HeavyWeath3r, expressing disappointment and an inability to forgive the changes especially related to the tower. On another note, commenter AntiquusCustos suggested the game developers should place a disclaimer for players before implementing major world alterations.

It’s Complicated

For other users like Hojuma, it’s not about loving or hating the changes, but the end-results. They believe alterations should result in adding uniqueness rather than removing it.

Through this journey into the players’ thoughts on World Quests-induced changes, we recognize both sides of the coin. The altering of favorite landmarks does have a jarring effect on some, while others relish the newness. Regardless of the sentiment, it is clear that these World Quests are impacting not just the game world, but the players’ sense of attachment and experience in it.