Genshin Impact Players Discuss: What Are Those Things Really For?

Providing insight on Genshin Impact’s unclarities, discussions reveal players’ varying interpretations.

On a particular day, a Genshin Impact player, JustAGuyWithoutName casually posed a mysterious question, “What are those things for?” This question seems innocuous, but it generated a lively discussion among the Genshin Impact community.


  • Confusion about game items’ purpose.
  • Diverse player interpretations and uses.
  • A hint of humor in addressing serious game mechanics.

Community Responses

Appropriate-Year-182 sees these mysterious things as a good way to burn 700,000 mora each time you want to make a character slightly better. It’s an investment strategy – spend mora to boost characters. Lucisferum took a more devout approach, suggesting these items are offerings to the queen lady Furina of Fontaine.

Humor amid Uncertainty

Gladisr’s comment made light of the vague item, suggesting it was for the player’s number one character in their heart, regardless their practical utility within the game. YannekoWasTaken chimed in with another lighthearted comment that 21 of those things belong to Lumine, subtly implying there might be character-specific items in the game.

Game Mechanics Got Real

However, ParryThisYouFilthyCa shed some light on the item’s true use, disclosing that they level up a character’s talent from level 9 to level 10. There were also those like chenchen1984 who would reserve them solely for Noelle!

Indeed, what these mysterious things really are might remain undisclosed but their imaginative applications unearthed by the players have added a rich layer of intrigue and fun to the Genshin Impact community. Whatever they are, these things seem to inspire a level of creativity and humor that only strengthens the bond within the community.