Genshin Impact Live Concert in LA: A Harmonic Misfire?

Discover the community’s thoughts on the recent Genshin Impact live concert in Los Angeles.

The recent Genshin Impact concert in Los Angeles has elicited rather mixed reviews from attendees. Some felt the concert was more flat than sharp, and cited several reasons for their dissatisfaction.


  • Atmosphere issues stemming from event organization and venue management.
  • Perceived lack of preparation and proficiency by musicians.
  • Missed opportunities with instrument selection and cultural representation.
  • Overall, a disappointing divergence from the expectation set by Genshin Impact’s typically exemplary music.

Orchestra Off-Key?

Several concert-goers were less than thrilled with the performance of the orchestra. One commentator, FEDUP_CaseyLP, noted signs of under-preparation, while others felt that the orchestra simply did not perform up to the standards set by the game’s soundtracks.

A Disjointed Concert Experience

Other issues extended beyond the stage. Many attendees experienced annoyance and delay getting into the venue, such as anyth1ng_g0es who noted significant delays in admission. Lack of introductions or crowd hype also left some participants feeling deflated from the get-go.

Missing The Right Notes: Instrument Selection

What really struck a discordant note with many was the perceived lack of cultural representation in the instrument selection. The Genshin Impact game is known for its rich variety of music, often incorporating traditional cultural instruments, a detail that was seemingly overlooked in this live concert.

It’s not all negative, however. Despite the critiques, many attendees had a great time and enjoyed listening to their favorite Genshin Impact music live. Like kteavnignxd noted, Genshin music has set a high standard that can be challenging to match in live performance.

It’s clear that the Genshin Impact LA concert hit a few flat notes, but it is also apparent that many fans of the game are still deeply passionate about the music. The critiques offered, though sharp, are from a place of love for the game’s tunes. May future concerts learn from this experience and come back stronger. After all, every orchestra experiences a little cacophony now and then.