Genshin Impact Game Update: Will We Get Pet Companions Soon?

A look into the Genshin Impact community’s lively discussion on the possibility of pet companions in the future game updates.

Excitement stirs in the Genshin Impact community as players speculate on future game updates, focusing primarily on the potential inclusion of pet companions. A post by Timoyr has sparked an enthusiastic conversation amongst fans. The idea of Dragon mounts particularly seemed to hit the sweet spot.


  • The idea of getting pet companions in Genshin Impact raises excitement within the gamer community.
  • The likelihood of Dragon mounts in Natlan generated significant interest.
  • Some players expressed concern about potential game clutter associated with pet companions.
  • A couple of commenters question the practical utility of the addition.

Player Excitement

One cannot ignore the palpable excitement among players. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a “Melusine with a sniper riffle”, as Mephtar muses? Another commenter fantasized about an arc like in ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, facilitated by the addition of pet companions.

The Practical Side of Things

While dreams of Dragon mounts are tempting, some users voiced concern over the practical side of things. User Alternative-South281 points out that existing companion elements in the game don’t do much, casting doubt on the value of future pet companions. The specter of inventory clutter, raised by deadchild5, is another practical hurdle that raises eyebrows.

Beyond the Speculations

A slight undercurrent of dissatisfaction was also visible in the discussion, as evident from Javaier’s comment which draws attention to issues of racial representation in the game. Despite varied responses and concerns, the potential for a companion pet system has undeniably created a buzz in the Genshin Impact community.

The discourse and speculations surrounding future game developments, the suspense, the hopes, and the skepticism, all contribute to the charm of being part of a dynamic gaming community like Genshin Impact. Looking forward to witnessing the direction this takes in the future updates.