Genshin Impact Fans Applaud Favorite New Voice Actor: A Reddit User’s View

Genshin Impact fans gush over their new favorite but enigmatic female voice actor. The pull is her unique and tickling voice quality.

In the vast, undying world of Genshin Impact, a certain stellar voice actress has caught the ears of gamers and stirred the invisible waves in the digital community.


  • The post generated intense admiration and speculation around the unidentified voice actress, only referred to as “this lady.”
  • Users praised her unique voice that “tickles my ears in a good way”, commented by ‘friedrice703’ – arguably a sentiment echoed by many.source
  • The collective curiosity also extended to hopes of her continuing involvement in the game, such as ‘Tabularity’s’ cry: “If she doesn’t voice a playable character I riot”source.

The Charm of the Voice

It seems the enthralment of the fans rests heavily on the voice actress’s distinctive vocal style. User ‘Frostgaurdian0’, for example, finds her voice “very funny” and expresses a clear fondness for it.source She managed to pull in these users with her charismatic portrayal of the character without even being visible or having a known identity.

Who Could She Be?

There’s a great deal of speculation about the mystery actress’s previous roles. Could she be the talent behind the Fishing Association Lady in the new event, or possibly even a famed voice such as Tara Strong? Some users, like ‘percula1869’, believe they’ve recognized her voice from elsewhere within the Genshin world.source

Fans’ Fervent Hopes

Many fans hope that she will continue to lend her talents to future characters. Some even insist that they will not stand down unless their wish comes true! Without a doubt, her voice added more life and excitement to their gaming experience, sparking ongoing joy among the Genshin Impact community.

In the midst of all the tongue-in-cheek comments about Neutron style and other lighthearted banter, one thing is clear: this unknown voice actress has left an impact on the Genshin gamers. With her captivating and entertaining voice, she has indeed cranked up the fun and enthusiasm in this gaming universe.