Genshin Impact Fan Ideas: Imagining a Permanent Party

The popular online community weighs in on who they would select for a permanent party in Genshin Impact.

The Genshin Impact fandom has always been a fount of interesting ideas, so when Retromess proposed that the game feature a permanent party ‘for story,’ the community naturally had a ton of input to give. What if Genshin doesn’t restrict its narrative to the lone Traveler and Paimon… what if our main characters could travel alongside a tight-knit crew of familiar faces? The question sparked a lively debate among fans.


  • Retromess roots for Furina as a party member. They believe her humorous comments and energy would make her a valuable, entertaining addition.
  • The majority of commentees favored in-game character suggestions that would bring dynamic, fresh energy to the in-game interactions.
  • Some suggestions were fairly consistent across responses, with characters like Furina, Fischl, and Kazuha popping up repeatedly.
  • Fans also imagined the interesting relationship dynamics that might emerge with a new roving group.

Fan Suggestions

In response to the original post, a number of intriguing suggestions were shared. Ferochu93 put forth characters like Bennet, Shenhe, and Kazuha. They found Bennet’s adventurous, carefree nature and Shenhe’s recently rediscovered humanity compelling reasons for their inclusion. Kazuha also made the cut, being a ronin wanderer with a thirst to explore the world.

Common Choices and Reasoning

Several names came up multiple times, indicating a shared preference among fans. Furina is highly favored for her earned freedom and potential to bring new experiences to the group. Mtebalanazy highlighted Zhongli, the retired consultant, as a potential ‘Uncle Iroh’-type figure with his vast knowledge and wisdom. The delightful, extroverted Kazuha also received several nods as he’s always exploring and seems a natural fit for roaming the world of Genshin Impact in a permanent party.

Dynamic Duos

Besides individual characters, the discussion also touched on the potential for dynamic interactions between certain characters. Retromess initially touched on this, suggesting that the interactions between Fischl and Furina would be interesting to see. BingQiUwU drummed up the idea of a feud between Kaeya and Scaramouche and the entertaining fallout it would create within the group.

Overall, it’s clear from the comments shared by Genshin Impact players that there’s a high level of investment and excitement over this concept. These discussions indicate a fervent wish for the game developers to mix things up a bit with the inclusion of a permanent party, potentially introducing different dynamics and fresh interactions into the beloved game.