Genshin Impact Controversy: Clorinde and The Giant Macaroon

A quirky spin on a Genshin Impact fan post debating shadows, macaroon proportions and unexpected surprises!

Within the fan-centric universe of Genshin Impact, a delightful post by VitaShogun became a hot topic as they framed a deceivingly simple confusion: which shadow portrayal suits better? The discussion naturally evolved but always kept Clorinde, a popular character from the game, devouring an exceptionally large macaroon at its core.


  • Users aligning to the second shadow’s uniform lighting
  • Macaroon’s improbable size a source of humor
  • Mixed perceptions about Clorinde’s appearance
  • Fears of calorie overload were shared amongst users

The Battle of Shadows

Nimros and Arc_7 both championed the second shadow for its even distribution of light on Clorinde’s face. On the other hand, DystopiaLite brought up the realistic aspect of the first one, adding a clandestine charm to the portrayal.

Macaroon or Burger?

cabbaggeez found the macaroon’s burger-like dimensions amusing. This sparked comparisons with the fictional houkai impact character who cooks extra-large onigiri. Meanwhile, DentistPositive8960 showed appreciation, albeit not finding the type of macaroon they expected.

Clorinde’s Eye-catching Appearance

Gentlemanor humorously reasoned the character’s large physique to the macaroon’s size. But for Linawow, the dessert was entirely overlooked due to the character’s distracting allure.

The Calorie Commentary

darkdill mirthfully noted that the ‘macaroon calories are going to go *somewhere*’.

Naturally, in the high-fantasy realm of Genshin Impact, such posts not only bring users together as a community but also highlight the sense of humor prevalent within fandoms. Whether it’s shadows, giant macaroons, or character aesthetics, posts like these add a delightful twist to conventional game discourse.