Genshin Impact Community’s Views on Circlet Usage

Discover how ‘Genshin Impact’ players strategize their game with artifact usage, specifically focusing on the elusive circlet.

In the vibrant world of ‘Genshin Impact’, player strategies can sometimes become as nebulous as a wish to the twin Archons. One such strategical quandary arose when a player, KaitouHoshi, posted an intriguing question about circlet usage that ignited an enlightening discussion. Our deep dive into this discussion reveals fascinating insights into character optimization and gameplay strategy.


  • KaitouHoshi, in his quest for character optimization, sought community advice on what character could best utilize a particular circlet artifact.
  • The suggestions were diverse, with a common thread linking to characters benefiting from HP scaling.
  • Several playful comments injected humor into the strategic discussion, reinforcing the community camaraderie.

A Broad Spectrum of Suggestions

Players’ suggestions were as varied as the Teyvat landscape itself. While one player suggested that ‘Neuvillette and Yelan for sure’ could utilize the circlet, another believed that ‘Any HP scaling character that already have good crit ratio’, could also qualify (comment provided by Jin-Hou and Mediocre_Ad_7490 respectively). This underscores the diverse strategies at play in the community and how different players value different character strengths.

Humor Within the Competition

The hilarious ‘joe biden’ suggestion shows that, while strategy reigns supreme, a good sense of humor can always find its way into even zealous optimizers. The community appears to thrive on a balance between both seriousness and hilarity, keeping everyone connected with a healthy dose of fun (shoutout to Appropriate-Year-182 for the laugh).

The Beauty of a Unified Community

The mixed bag of strategic insights and humor-filled banter that transpired in response to KaitouHoshi’s question clearly represents a cohesive and vibrant ‘Genshin Impact’ community, eager to both assist fellow players and share a laugh along the journey. As any true traveler knows, it’s not just the destination that matters, but the companions we meet along the way. To quote our friendly commentator, xd_ZelnikM, ‘Nürvillette or Yelan’, but maybe also a bit of ‘joe biden’!

The camaraderie, spirited debate, and shared glee discovered within this discussion underline the dynamic nature of the ‘Genshin Impact’ community, where collective passion is paired with individual diversity of strategies and playful personalities. And, above all else, it’s a clear testament to the fun-packed journey that is ‘Genshin Impact’, where friendships and theories are crafted hand in hand.