Genshin Impact Community Ponders: What was Paimon up to in Liyue?

Unravel the thoughts from Genhsin Impact’s community on Paimon’s mysterious escapade in Liyue.

Genshin Impact is known for its immersive world and deep lore, raising burning questions such as ‘What was Paimon doing in Liyue?’


  • Puzzlement over traveler’s obliviousness towards the world before Paimon.
  • Confusion over characters’ spatial movements.
  • Intrigue towards Paimon’s past.
  • Sense of humor in questioning the game mechanics.

Traveler’s Pre-Paimon Activities

User donfangzahn’s comment reflects a subtle criticism towards the game’s logic. As they noticed, the traveler was supposedly wandering in Teyvat without proper guidance about the world’s functionalities or elements. An intriguing point here, creating a twist in the mystery.

Paimon’s Whereabouts

Another striking comment came from Writing_Panda104, which raised an interesting point regarding the character’s location and travel choices. Apparently, they thought Paimon and the traveler stayed at one beach, bringing another layer of complexity to Paimon’s past.

Tinfoil Hat Theories

User LivingASlothsLife throws in a comical take suggesting Paimon was buried next to the boss monster, Osial. Despite being a joke, it seems to echo the community’s overall sentiment of inquisitiveness and fun speculation.

Breaking the Fourth Wall

The community’s humorous and thorough inspection of the game mechanics seeped through in ItsukiKurosawa’s comment – pointing out the oddity of regions locked until after the prologue, sparking laughter with the hint of immersion break.

This fun spectacle paints Genshin Impact’s community in a playful, observant light, demonstrating how deeply players are invested in the world and characters. Questions like ‘What was Paimon doing in Liyue?’ serve as fun, interactive brain games that strengthen the bond within the community, displaying a fandom ready to pick up their metaphorical magnifying glasses and explore every corner of Genshin Impact’s world.