Genshin Impact Community Celebrates Landmark Achievement

Genshin Impact breaks the barrier of 20 million followers. The fans are elated but also have some expectations.

In the vast world of ‘Genshin Impact,’ there is always something noteworthy happening, either in the game or in its ever-growing community. It was quite a festive moment recently when the game’s official English social media accounts informed about reaching the milestone of 20 million followers! The community was buzzing with excitement, pride, and a bit of humor.


  • The celebration of 20 million followers was a significant occasion, basking in camaraderie and garnished with expectations.
  • A notable portion of comments are playful requests for in-game rewards, particularly primogems.
  • Characters like Hu Tao are favorites among the community and played a significant role in the celebratory mood.

Fan Responses

A scan of the comments reveals players’ excitement over this achievement and an array of expectations. As anticipated, seasoned player Lord_Gohda humorously predicts the reward, ‘Rewards: 160 primogems. Calling it.’ This comment hints at a long-standing inside joke that Genshin Impact is notoriously stingy with their freebies.

Character Commotion

Genshin Impact isn’t just about quests and battles; it’s a game that has brought to life a vast array of characters that the players fell in love with. This was evident when FlameDragoon933 thrilled at a character’s illustration, ‘[This] is an uber cute illustration, damn!’. WindMlst echoed the same sentiment saying, ‘Hu Tao is so cute.’ It’s clear that characters like Hu Tao have a significant place in the players’ hearts.

Expectations and Hopes

As much as the community is elated, it also hopes for more from the game. Lynette-Sakura coyly asked, ‘How about free 20,000 primos?’. But it does highlight that player’s desire for tangible rewards to celebrate such a milestone is strong. Will the game creators listen to these pleas? That remains to be seen.

Whether it’s the engaging content or the expressive characters, what keeps the Genshin Impact community thriving is the connection among its members. This milestone is a testament to that spirit and the camaraderie among its players. With luck, the game will continue to evolve, bringing more characters, adventures, and hopefully – more primogems.