Genshin Impact Character Optimization: Improving Your Experience With Dehya

Exploring ideas from the Genshin Impact community on enhancing gameplay with character Dehya’s unique strengths.

Genshin Impact inherently allows for a player to personalize their gaming experience via their character selection. Yet, what happens if your preferred character isn’t optimal? Such is the predicament of one user who adores Dehya — voiced by a stellar actor, yet undeniably mediocre kit aside.


  • Community suggestions range from specific artifact and weapon builds to optimizing party synergy.
  • The character’s mediocre kit brings comedic remarks, showing the players’ genuine affection for the game.
  • This relatable game situation struck a chord with participants, uniting them over shared experiences.

Character Optimization

One user nicknamed Minute_Fig_3979 offered an extensive guide considering different artifact builds and weapons. They also commented, ‘Bell is trash on her.’ This sentence captures the essence of the original post, an impressive love for a character not conventionally ‘good.’

Other users encouraged trying emblem sets with ER/Atk sands, followed by a weapon with Atk/ER/Crit, as per decomposedbunny.

Community Engagement and Genuine Affection

While some comments aimed to provide genuinely helpful advice, others took a lighthearted approach. The community clearly has a special place for Genshin Impact in their hearts. Take Frizzlewits‘ quip for example, suggesting their character would ‘bore your enemies to death’ with the clam set.

Another user Much_Mission_4180 humorously commented, ‘ONE OF US’, welcoming the dilemma-beset player into the fold of members who question character viability but love them anyway.

Shared Experiences

The post brought out a sense of camaraderie among users. Different avenues of thinking were aired, not only suggesting ways to improve gameplay but also highlighting the sometimes humorous reality that fan-favorites aren’t always the best choice.

theMobileMike shared their favorite Dehya team, opening up discussion about different team strategies that could potentially enhance Dehya’s performance despite her less-than-stellar kit.

It’s the heart of Genshin Impact’s unifying aspect. A love of the game, the characters, and the shared exasperation, affection, and humor woven through these posts, showering light on an important aspect of the gaming community.