Genshin Impact Artifact Auto-Lock and Filter Update: Improving Player Experience

Get ready to gear up Gamerinos! Genshin Impact rolls out Artifact Auto-Lock & Filter function. Convenience level = New heights!

In the busy world of the popular game, Genshin Impact, an update preview has recently been released, teasing Artifact Auto-Lock and Filter Function capabilities. The developers known as ‘GenshinImpact’, have yet to spill the details though.


  • Announcement of Artifact locking and filtering functionality, addressing player struggles with inventory management.
  • Optimizations are planned to be a series, eagerly awaited by players.
  • Predicted to decrease tedium and increase efficient artifact farming.
  • Some players raise questions about further customization capabilities.

Reactions and Expectations

The announcement generated mixed responses amongst Genshin Impact gamers. User oldmonk_97 humorously implied the developers might now use this function to manipulate artifact drops suiting player needs. In contrast, Mid_Juan_69 pointed to developers’ indication about this being first in a line of artifact-related optimizations, stoking the anticipation.

Improving Quality of Life

Many players agreed the upcoming features would enhance overall gaming experience. ThisAccountIsStolen expressed how it could coerce some to be more regular in maintaining their artifacts inventory. Suitable_Entrance594 admired how these features, coupled with few more enhancements, could completely satiate their Quality of Life (QoL) demands.

Thoughts and Suggestions

Genshin Impact’s lovable lore-masters also had a variety of suggestions. TheCuriousCorsair proposed an ‘auto change-from-artifact-to-relic-exp-pot’ feature, and courtexo suggested a feature to mark artifacts as ‘trash’ for easier inventory management.

In the end, Genshin Impact is constantly evolving through its practical players’ feedback, making us look forward to the future of this beloved game! So, Genshiners, keep adventuring, and remember: Not all those who wander are lost, except when they can’t find their favorite artifact. We’ve all been there, folks!