Genshin Impact: An Amusing Debate on ‘Staff Wielding Opponents’ in Graph Adversarial Tech Event

Comical fan conversations and debates unfold around ‘staff wielding opponents’ in Genshin Impact’s Graph Adversarial event.

The whimsical world of Genshin Impact’s ‘Graph Adversarial Technology Experiment’ stirred quite the conversation recently–and on all things ‘staff wielding opponents’!


  • Users have difference of opinion on what counts as ‘staff wielding opponents’
  • Many are enjoying the event, but there are some patrons who are confused by the terms used.
  • Experts already helping less informed players with advice on completing tasks effectively and efficiently

The Debate – Are all clubs considered ‘staves’?

What really begins as cranky scrutiny over weapons of the Hilichurls, ends up a linguistics debate. One player, dubbed SquashPuzzleheaded50, succinctly put: ‘Only three of these enemies are using what I would consider staffs.’

Meanwhile, Dekachonk burst out in the middle of their debate, ‘Axes, rapiers and clubs are staves now. It’s the law.’

The ‘Lawyer Brain’ Rant – What exactly is a staff?

Adding some fuel to the fire for the already entertained Genshin community, user comfykampfwagen amusingly vented out their frustrations in a long monologue. Apparently, this event ‘infuriates the lawyer brain.’ They dived deep into the semantics of what constitutes a ‘staff’.

The Helpers

On the brighter side of things, many in the community are there to lift each other up, offering tips and tricks to tackle the event effectively. chi11m4n shares their advice: ‘This one including hilichurls with clubs makes today pretty easy. Just find a large hilichurl camp and you can get like 5/10 of the photos done in one go.’

Sometimes, it is during these eye-rolling debates and heartwarming camaraderies that the true spirit of a gaming community shines. So, whether you wield a staff, a club, or are still figuring it out, in the end, that’s what keeps our love for games going. And remember, to quote our friend Dekachonk – ‘It’s the law.’

‘You’re a True Hero of the People’ – Fans on Negative-Ganache-267

Genshin fans prove time and time again that they’re in it for more than just the gameplay. It’s about the camaraderie and the shared zest of a fandom community. The players address their gratitude towards Negative-Ganache-267’s helpful post, with one user, hurtfullobster, saying ‘You are a true hero of the people.’

While the debates might go on, and swords might be still trying to get categorized as ‘staves’, we can all agree that the infectious humour and delightful exchanges among the Genshin community adds an extra sparkle to the gaming experience.