Genshin Impact: A Closer Look at Players’ Favourite Character Namecards

Deep dive into players’ favourite character namecards from the popular game Genshin Impact.

In the midst of Genshin Impact’s sweeping landscapes and stirring battles, character namecards have emerged as a quiet fan favourite. In a recent discussion, initiator ‘braincell-rattle257’ shared that a few namecards had really caught their eye, specifically mentioning those of Kokomi and Kuki.


  • Kokomi’s namecard doesn’t necessarily match her character, but the scenery is resonating with players.
  • Kuki’s namecard is praised for its vivid colour palette.
  • The community has a mixed opinion on which namecard is their favourite, indicating the wide range of individual play styles and aesthetics preferences.

And What Say The Fans?

Stepping into the lively conversation, ‘lexasperated’ noted their appreciation for Yae Miko’s and Rosaria’s cards, enumerating Miko’s cute fox form and Rosaria’s badass semblance. Meanwhile, ‘Spieds’ finds joy in one of the more playful namecards, embracing the goofiness of Dori’s card.

The Battle of Spectrum

It seems a major conversation starter was the colours used in the namecards. ‘raccoonjudas’ shared their opinion, affirming that they are particularly fond of Kokomi’s namecard, appreciating the multifarious colours in the fatui twins’, Yun Jin’s, and Kaveh’s. They concluded by throwing their lot with namecards that employ multiple colours.

Character Loyalties

‘z0kuuu’ presented a pain shared by many ‘main’ players, expressing desires to show off the Wriothesley’s namecard alongside their Childe profile picture, but staying true to Neuvillette as their second main. This hero loyalty showcases the deep ties players form with their in-game avatars.

In the wave of passionate opinions, declined invitation to the moonlit beaches of Kokomi, and walked pathways not bound by the usual popular characters. And while the conversation flipped between the serene and the vibrant, a sense of joyous discord emerged from it. Almost like the game itself, it beckoned, invited and stimulated all at once. And maybe, that’s what makes Genshin Impact and its namecards such a delightful corner in the gaming world.