Gaming Community’s Take on Call of Duty’s Popularity: A Player’s Query

A Call of Duty enthusiast’s query stirs up interesting insights from the gaming community!

A recent discussion in the Call of Duty community has sparked an intriguing dialogue about the game’s current state and popularity among players. This all began when Reddit user mikusyong posted a query asking whether anyone was still engaged in playing MW2019 amidst the new releases.


  • An overarching sentiment revealing the enduring popularity of MW2019
  • Addressing crossplay as a factor influencing matchmaking times
  • Recommendations for other COD titles based on user preferences

Gauging the Popularity of MW2019

Delves into the players’ current stance on MW2019, based on the engaging responses to mikusyong’s query, it is clear that MW2019 still holds hefty appeal. 80zVoid chimed in to confirm that with crossplay activated, players are quickly finding matches, with a wait time of less than a minute for core domination.

Crossplay: A Solution to Game Finding

Inebitably, the role of crossplay in matchmaking was emphasized. User wjjwjwjwjwjwj12′ suggested turning off crossplay allows players to find games fairly easily, indicating that crossplay can significantly impact a player’s experience.

Exploring Other COD Titles

Other than discussing MW2019, the community explored other titles in the Call of Duty franchise. TeckersVG enthusiastically proposed to ‘jump on Cold War,’ especially enjoying the zombies/prop hunt features. Similarly, Captobvious75 voiced their satisfaction with Cold War, specifying quick matchmaking on PS5.

So, in the light of this fun, engaging interaction, it’s safe to say that while newer titles keep coming, there’s still a place for the favorites like MW2019 in the heart of the Call of Duty community. As for prospective COD enthusiasts, there’s been some worthy advice handed out. Whether turning off crossplay or diving into a different game like Cold War – the options are plentiful!