Gamers Rank Call of Duty Sledgehammer Games: The Best and The Worst

A fascinating discussion commenced as gamers rank the best and worst Call of Duty games authored by Sledgehammer.

The always dynamic and passionate Call of Duty community fired off a debate that danced around as a bullet does in a gunfight. Gaming aficionados showed their loyalty by ranking Sledgehammer’s COD series from best to worst, which resulted in notable gaming insights.


  • Majority opinions leaned toward MW3 (Original) for its tight gameplay and compelling campaign.
  • WW2 seemed to garner mixed opinions due to its initially messy multiplayer launch, and Vanguard was notably flagged for falling short of the desired aesthetic.
  • Recent game reboot, MW3 (Reboot), showed promising multiplayer improvements but also received criticism for its lacking content.

Highlights from the Throng

User shrimpmaster0982 delivered an ardently detailed ranking that lamented over the “worst zombies iteration to date” in Vanguard, but hailed the “surprisingly fun” and improved multiplayer mode in MW3 (Reboot).

Equally passionate user, Repulsive_Fortune396, felt nostalgic for AW’s great maps, killstreaks, and jetpacks, but voiced disappointment in WW2’s three-lane maps and predictable fights. Although Vanguard had “no soul”, they found the game to be nice in terms of movement.

Call of Contention

Community member WankBeast64 expressed dislike for WW2 and Vanguard, even though public opinion seemed to soften toward WW2. On the other hand, Vold_gamer1240 found plenty to adore about all the games but admitted AW’s exo movement was “a bit much” for him.

The Quirks We Love

Despite the heated exchange over superiority, there was an undeniable spark of affection in their comments. The “cursed” WW2 weapons and a laser gun in a Vanguard WW2 setting were Vold_gamer1240‘s guilty pleasures. The MW3 specialists bonus and AW’s jetpacks still had fans in the game, despite reluctance for AW 2.

And there we have it, folks! As fluid as the gameplay in Call of Duty itself, everyone had something to say about the Sledgehammer games. Though our trigger fingers twitched at the mere mention of each game, one thing’s for sure: this community is just as passionate about the series as the developers themselves.