Gamers’ Predictions and Wishlists on the Future Paths of Honkai: Star Rail – A Digest

Unpacking the idea of new paths in Honkai: Star Rail from a community perspective.

In the vast universe of Honkai: Star Rail, the concept of “paths” signifies different character classes, each with its unique game mechanics. Recently, a question sparked vivid discussion among players: ‘Will we ever get a new path?’.


  • General skepticism towards the possibility of introducing a new path, as current paths well encapsulate all RPG classes.
  • A prospect of tweaking and adjusting the existing paths to explore new character possibilities.
  • Minority voices advocating for novel paths with unique requirements and exclusive skills.
  • Diverse expectations towards future path design nevertheless, it’s the gaming enjoyment that matters most.

Current Paths: A Comprehensive Framework

From the lens of most players, the seven existing paths appear to be a comprehensive classification system that covers all RPG archetypes, thus shedding doubts on the necessity of novel paths. As Random_Bystander089 pointed out, new paths might be so niche and particular that they become redundant and unviable. A comment from faulser echoed this sentiment by stating that even if a new path ever comes into being, it would be purely for balance adjustments rather than enriching gaming experiences per se.

Should Developers Tread the Existing Paths?

Amidst the general doubts, some players hold much optimism about the potential of existing game design, suggesting that developers could possibly mix and match from the seven paths to bring about fresh gaming experiences. iBlaze_x1, for example, noted that certain characters in the existing roster already exhibit a blend of different paths, thus a new path might seem redundant. This creative fusion, as the gamers suggest, could not only make use of existing game mechanisms, but also dazzle players with novelty without complicating game mechanics.

Fan Theories: Speculations and Wishlists

Though the likelihood of a new path is slim, this did not hinder the wild imaginations of some gamers. A few ambitious players postulated some creative twists to the current game mechanism. From Tamaki_Iroha‘s speed-centric idea, ‘Trailblazing Path’ to CaptainSarina‘s character-specific ‘lore accurate re-skins’, fan theories ran wild with potential additions to the game, rendering a tug of war between skepticism and expectation on the future of Honkai: Star Rail.

However the game evolves, the shared motto remains the same: as long as the gaming experience is enjoyable, game devs can’t steer too far off course. Whether it is expanding the current paths or trailblazing a novel path, it is the players’ anticipations and wishes, seasoned with a pinch of good fun that set the real path for Honkai: Star Rail to follow.