Frustrations Rise as Genshin Impact Fans Discuss Free 5-Star Characters

Genshin Impact community reacts to the lack of Free 5-Star Characters in the game, comparing it to Star Rail’s announcement.

The game Genshin Impact often takes center stage in heated discussions regarding its rewards system. One such topic recently gathered momentum surrounding the developers’ reluctance to hand out free high-ranked rewards, specifically a 5-star character – a common request among the player community.


  • Players express disappointment over the lack of high-tier rewards compared to similar games.
  • The sentiment is generally negative, hinting at growing frustrations.
  • Some players consider the rewards system to be a strategic business model for maintaining player interest.

The Post that Started it All

RaidenXYae shared their disappointment over the announcement that a rival game, Star Rail, is planning to give out a free 5-star character in its next patch. The bitterness stems from Genshin Impact’s lack of a non-limited 5-star character, despite also having won game awards. A user named Dacder succinctly replied with ‘Dr. L+Ratio,’ throwing a dash of sarcasm into the mix.

What the Players are Saying

MihirPagar10 admitted to losing hope of ever receiving a free 5-star character in Genshin Impact and expressed sadness over this. ArkusWake took the news stoically, simply replying with ‘Oh boy here we go‘. Dejected players of Genshin Impact seem to be resigning themselves to the state of rewards in their beloved game.

A Deeper Look

Amidst the gloomy mood, user SirFanger proposed a broader perspective. They indicated that the differential rewards system may be a strategic move based on each game’s player base and retention. While this in no way reduces the sting for Genshin players, it certainly provides a business perspective on why things are the way they are.

As we dive into the tsunamis of outrage and discontent in the Genshin Impact ocean, it’s essential to remember that online games are as much a business as they are a form of entertainment. This doesn’t excuse unfair reward systems, but it helps understand why these discrepancies exist. Is it all a strategic maneuver? Or is the player base justified in feeling slighted? Only time and future patches will tell. Until then, hang in there, Travelers!