Frozen’s Unexpected Farewell to MOUZ and a New Chapter in Counter-Strike: An Insight

Frozen leaves MOUZ in a surprising turn of events and trades for FaZe, causing a ripple in the Counter-Strike world.

The Counter-Strike world was taken aback as frozen made the unanticipated announcement about his departure from MOUZ.


  • Fans express excitement for the reunion of Frozen, Ropz, and Karrigan in FaZe.
  • Many suggest that Frozen’s move, despite being in MOUZ for four years, is advantageous due to FaZe’s potential.
  • There is a strong sentiment of support for Frozen and high expectations placed on him to perform in FaZe.

Fan Reactions

Notably, user Ishaan863 expressed excitement for the reunion, stating, ‘Never thought I’d see the Ropz/Karrigan/Frozen trio together again, let alone in FaZe Clan of all teams. I’m so excited’.

Another user, JacoBee93, simply welcomed Frozen to FaZe, expressing a sense of warm acceptance towards the player.

Frozen’s Potential

An outpouring of praise for Frozen’s decision to join FaZe was seen, particularly from user here2askquestions, who lauded Frozen for his consistency and dedication, stating, ‘MOUZ has shuffled their roster countless times…and this kid never once complained. He just showed up and played.’

User tarangk also hailed Frozen’s move, openly stating that considering the potential in FaZe, ‘It would’ve been massively stupid of Frozen to reject.’

Implications for the Future

danapam90210 voiced hope for FaZe’s futures, stating, ‘This gives me so much hope that FaZe won’t disband.’

User Jacko_Moto also mentioned he was ‘rly happy for Frozen and nice to see him ropz and karrigan reuniting.’

Clearly, this surprising move by Frozen has set the stage for what may potentially be a powerhouse team in Counter-Strike’s competitive scene. The reunion of the Ropz/Karrigan/Frozen trio in FaZe, along with the optimistic reactions by the fans, establishes a promising future not only for Frozen but also for FaZe.