Fortnite’s Unpopular Locker Downgrade Ignites Community Uproar

Popular game Fortnite’s recent locker downgrade sparks player criticism. Let’s dive deeper.

It appears Fortnite’s popular feature, the locker UI, has taken a step back according to gamers. A recent substantive change has players expressing their discontent online.


  • The locker UI has been modified and now seems to lack the feature to randomize presets.
  • Users report that these changes have made the system tougher to manage and less user-friendly.
  • One of the main issues: the inability to save all aspects of their presets, including the loading screen and lobby music.

User Reactions

Diving deeper into user opinions, V_Matrix expressed clear frustration with the changes: ‘…and now… how do I select a preset… is this just bugged?’ Another user, Normal-Opinion-425, echoed this sentiment, stating ‘I am beyond disappointed.’

Impact on Gameplay

The locker downgrade doesn’t just influence aesthetics, but it also has a significant impact on gameplay. ProfessionalPin1568 remarks, ‘They really said nah we go for the most simplicity ever’, implying that this simplification has negatively impacted the user experience. that_husk_buster grumbled that this ‘dumpster fire bleeds to all the modes.’

Feedback on UI

weeble04 argues that everything about the new locker system is so much worse now, stating ‘It was so easy to go to your recent stuff, now it’s a complete headache.’ Meanwhile, Wooden-Complaint4184 shared that ‘this new Locker UI is absolutely appalling to me.’

All in all, it seems that Fortnite’s locker downgrade has caused an uproar in the community. The alterations have provoked a plethora of negative reactions amongst the player base. They suggest that Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, has prioritized simplicity over usability, leaving the previously ‘near perfect’ system feeling clunky and underwhelming. It remains to be seen how (or if) Epic Games will respond to this flood of user dissatisfaction.