Fortnite’s STW Mode – Still Worth it in 2021?

A dive into the current appeal of Fortnite’s ‘Save The World’ mode based on Fortnite players’ opinions.

Fortnite may have made headway with its Battle Royale mode, but there’s plenty more to the game than just surviving the storm. It’s other mode, ‘Save The World’ (STW), recently sparked an online conversation with users debating whether it’s still worth investing in. The Reddit post initiated by ‘Acrobatic-Display420’ assesses the PvE gameplay fun factor and the added benefit of free vbucks.


  • The Reddit user ‘cdug82’ reveals a common misconception about VBucks from STW (source).
  • Players’ who purchased the game after June 2020 can no longer earn Vbucks, informs ‘Alphasilverhawk’ (source).
  • Despite the hurdle, ‘Sinktit’ loves the game beyond the VB. (source)
  • ‘Analysis_Usual’ gives light on pros and cons of taking the game for a spin (source).

The VBucks Discussion

Players intrigued by the allure of free vBucks from Save the World may have to reassess their expectations. As informed by ‘Alphasilverhawk’, only those who obtained the game before June 2020 would be privy to this bonus (source). Yet, ‘spar13’ assures that the pack sold in store has few vBucks that can still be earned (source).

STW Game Play: Worth or Not?

Despite its grindy and repetitive nature, as pointed by ‘Sinktit’, the game still has its charm to many players (source). For the fans of tower defense games, crafting, and power scaling ‘Analysis_Usual’ finds the game compelling and worth the 10 dollars (source). Also, there are plenty of hours of content and cosmetics that can be earned as reported by ‘spar13’ (source).

Final Takeaway

The consensus seems to be that Fortnite’s STW mode remains a fun experience, despite certain limitations on earning VBucks. The positivity stems from the gameplay, characters, dialogue, and rewards which many still find satisfying and worth the investment. Whether you’re in it for the possible VBucks, or simply the challenge of tackling hordes of Husks, STW mode may still hold treasures for you.