Fortnite’s Sound Showdown: Surprising Noise Levels in Focus

Is Fortnite’s start-up music too intense? Join the debate on the game’s unexpectedly loud scores.

Fabulous_Pen1125 kickstarts an intense discussion around the surprising loudness of Fortnite’s startup music, likening it to an unforeseen jumpscare event. With reactions oscillating between shock and agreement, let’s dissect this unusual sentiment.


  • A notable number of gamers expressing a shared frustration
  • A sense of shock and surprise over the alleged loud volume
  • Solutions and workarounds proposed by the gaming community.

An Unwanted Surprise

When diving into a game of Fortnite, users expect adrenaline and excitement, but Fabulous_Pen1125 alerts us to a noisy concern, quite literally. The thundering echoes of the startup music are described by rojatnav as being unnecessarily loud with no way to tone it down or turn it off. So, is this loud note the new silent killer in the game?

Popularity or Perversity?

Interestingly, some players compare Fortnite’s startup music to the music of other popular games. This comparison, while offering some levity, also sparks an intriguing discussion about the sound design of video games. As Saulios_420 amusingly notes, the music is somewhat akin to the menu music of Ark Survival Evolved. Are games taking the sound battle too literally, we wonder?

A Case for Balance

Despite the cacophony, some users delve into solutions and workarounds. Bu1ld0g suggests exploring game options to balance the volume. But they also mention an imbalance where gunfights prove much louder, raising another poignant aspect in sound design.

A Sound Debate

While this might be a weird complaint to some, the discussion it sparks is far from trivial. With users rallying around this issue, it’s clear the intensity of Fortnite’s music has caught the community’s attention. And while solutions are cropping up, we are left to muse over this interesting intersection of gaming and sound design. So, next time you boot up Fortnite, will the startling notes strike a chord or will they drown in the cacophony of the game’s immersive experience?