Fortnite’s Skybox Dilemma: Chapter 2’s Era and the Call for Change

Exploring Fortnite players’ desire for a skybox editor and a return to the aesthetic of Chapter 4 and 5’s vistas.

Fortnite players make their voices heard – yearning for the distant days of Chapter 4 and 5’s skies, echoing that the current Chapter 2’s skybox feels stagnant and uncanny.


  • In sentiment, numerous players believe the current skybox isn’t cutting it.
  • There appears to be an overall desire for a skybox editor or a reversion to distinct older versions.
  • The concept of a custom ‘Skybox’ is on some players’ radars.

What’s the Setback with the Set Skybox?

The grounds of discontent lie within the sensation that Chapter 2’s skybox is now seen as flat and uncanny, especially coming up on its fourth year. Gamers love novelty; constantly having the same backdrop can make the gameplay experience repetitive and eventually dull.

The Nostalgia of Old Skies

Chapter 4 and 5’s skies held a different magic for many. There was an aesthetic appeal that players, like YeeForceZombz, are beginning to miss. It seems that they’re not alone in this sentiment, with others on their wavelength, missing the good old days.

A Solution Sighted?

SNCY_29 suggests the need for a skybox editor – a tool that would allow players to manipulate and customize the sky to their liking. This surely would bring a refreshing change to the Fortnite universe that players are craving.

Another user, Plasticious, kindly points the community towards a custom ‘Skybox’ solution they’ve previously proposed. By the looks of things, options are available, and are yet untapped.

As Fortnite continues to evolve, the players’ desires are clear. They’re not asking for the moon; just the sky. Whether or not Epic Games will listen, only time (and maybe a few more Fortnite sunrises and sunsets) will tell.