Fortnite’s Hidden Gem: Is ‘Save The World’ Worth Your Time

Exploring the merits of Fortnite’s less-known mode ‘Save the World’, as discussed by the game’s passionate community.

Fortnite, a name synonymous with epic battles and building forts, has players wondering about the lesser-known game mode – ‘Save the World’. User ‘Rad-Rager’ posed an intriguing question: “Is ‘Save the World’ worth getting?”


  • ‘Save the World’ provides a unique experience and a year-long content for beginners
  • The game is enjoyable, but it’s recommended to have a team
  • V-Bucks are not achievable limitlessly and XP cap exists

User Perspectives

Commenter ‘_Darkkfire_’ sheds light on the game’s financial dynamics, stating “You can only get the amount of v-bucks stated in the pack you purchase“, while also mentioning that the game is substantially enjoyable, especially for early players.

On the other hand, ‘Turduckenie’ expresses that compatibility is key in ‘Save the World’. He mentions that in absence of a team to play with, the game progression could turn daunting. He, however, lauds the writing and voice acting as hilariously engaging.

Outside the Norm

‘Barely_Sober_Shrub’ and ‘Gaiash’ provide contrasting views. The former mentions ‘ it’s absolutely worth the price for the amount of content‘, whereas the latter points out that main missions stop having story after a certain point.

Finding Balance

Given the varying viewpoints, it’s clear that the game seems to stand strong in its offerings for both newbies and veterans with a few caveats.

Ultimately, whether ‘Save the World’ is worth your time comes down to how much you value cooperative gaming, quirky narratives, and a limited pace of progression. It’s not the battle royale mode that put Fortnite on the map, but it is a valuable component that enriches the Fortnite universe nonetheless.