Fortnite’s Faulty Fusion: Why Zapotron’s Fully Charged Shots Don’t Do Damage

Unraveling the mystery behind Fortnite’s quirky Zapotron glitch, where fully charged shots lead to zero damage.

The buzzing topic among Fortnite enthusiasts currently, centres around the peculiar phenomenon of the fully charged Zapotron shots not dealing any damage. Based on community discussions and some hands-on experimentation, we delve into the issue that’s kneading the brows of Fortnite’s passionate community.


  • Fortnite Zapotron has a bug rendering charged shots useless.
  • The community suspects recent patches could be a cause.
  • Users are requesting immediate attention and fix.

An Unexpected Bug

In an interactive universe as dynamic as Fortnite, bugs can crop up from the unlikeliest corners. Such is the curious case of the Zapotron where according to ferb73craft, ‘Fully charged Zapotron shots don’t deal any damage.’ There are video proofs circulated by enthusiasts showcasing this irregular occurrence initating our quest for answers and prompting this dive into the issue.

Zapotron’s Puzzling Past

Drilling deeper into the past, Magronorph50 suggests that ‘Zapotron was never really good even when it did damage. Its only real appeal was the connection br players made to that one video from the early seasons.’ Despite its history, the fact remains that the Zapotron is a prized possession for many and its malfunctioning raises concerns across the player community.

Calls for Attention

Echoing the sentiments of the player community, Glory_To_Atom iterates, ‘Zapatron has been broken for months now.’ A clear indication that players are yearning for resolution. Alongside these poignant calls for action comes the automated response by the AutoModerator, who insists on reporting the bug with specific details to help Epic Games tackle this issue at the earliest.

While we await an official response from Epic Games, this curious case of the Zapotron and its errant shots continue to intrigue, frustrate and engage the Fortnite community. On the virtual battlefield, a malfunctioning Fortnite weapon isn’t just a bug—it’s a thrilling mystery to be solved, a challenge to be addressed, and a testament to the game’s vibrant, ever-evolving universe.