Fortnite Unrest: Players Demand Locker UI Reversion

Fortnite players are up in arms, demanding the previous user-interface for the locker, find out why here.

Recent changes to Fortnite’s locker user interface (UI) have stirred a proverbial hornet’s nest in the gaming community. The ululations of discontent from players are evident in a post made by ‘WildSinatra’ and the plethora of echoing comments.


  • The changes to the UI are viewed by many as a ploy to sell more virtual items.
  • Users bemoan the loss of usability and quality features following the changes
  • Epic Games’ silence on the matter is perceived as indifference towards the community and their grievances.

Is Fortnite’s New UI A Money Grab?

‘WildSinatra’ leads the charge, vehemently accusing Epic Games of designing the UI to push sales of virtual items. In his words, “It’s never been clearer to me nobody at Epic actually plays with the things they sell.” Following suit, a user named ‘PolarPeely26’, bluntly advises other gamers to ‘cancel your Fortnite Crew’, a sentiment that underlines the general frustration

Usability and Features Deteriorating

‘Automatic_Tip2079’ describes the new UI as ‘atrocious’, stating it has prompted him to focus on other games for the time being. ‘Spacetiger41’ and ‘Tincongames’ express disappointment over emotes and wraps no longer being tied to skin presets – a nifty feature that allowed players to personalize their avatars.

Deafening Silence from Epic Games?

The lack of response from Epic on the matter is generating palpable frustration. ‘Fae_faye_’ asks ‘u/thefortniteteam anything?’ highlighting the community’s desire for acknowledgement that their concerns have been heard. However, some users are still hopeful; according to ‘PrincessHootHoot’, epic is likely to reconsider the locker changes given they previously changed the running animation.

While Some Defend the Locker Changes

Interestingly, the locker changes also find some defenders. AgreeableRun6799, for instance, states that he finds the new locker ‘cleaner and easier to use’. He goes on to question why users are making a fuss over something that doesn’t impact gameplay unless they change their entire character every match.

At the end of the day, the locker may not be a literal game-changer, but it’s clear that emotions are running high in the Fortnite community. It remains to be seen whether Epic Games will step in to address the concerns, or stick with their changes, and face whatever music comes their way. Only time will tell, and until then – the gamers will game on, albeit with a disgruntled huff.