Fortnite UI Wars: Players Chime In On Old vs New

Gamers share perspectives on Fortnite’s user interface evolution. A nostalgia for simplicity is seemingly ever-present.

Gameplay changes always stir emotions in the community, but it’s rare to see a cosmetic change like the User Interface (UI) in Fortnite elicit such engage responses. This post takes a deep dive into player preferences for the Fortnite UI: New versus Old.


  • A significant number of players feel nostalgic for the old UI citing simplicity and clarity as key reasons.
  • The new UI is criticized for fostering a chaotic and cluttered experience by some.
  • There seems to be an agreement that the UI should serve gameplay and not gimmicks.

Nostalgia Strikes

“It’s fine for me though, I don’t care that much,” admits Jollybean1, highlighting a common sentiment among players. The remembrance of the old UI seems to be more than just nostalgia, though. xShibata simplifies his preference stating, “100% Old UI.”

Clutter: The Uninvited Guest

ChrisLee38 criticized the new UI for being “complicated and cluttered,” expressing frustration with finding game modes and interacting with the emote feature. An echo from user xWallyOShay, who feels the new UI tries too hard to make purchases rather than faciliting play.

The Reckoning

UI changes, ultimately, should make the player’s experience more streamlined, but the Fortnite community suggests the opposite. There’s a strong demand for simplification as a user named GoodCopYT suggests moderation in the discovery tab. In a more colorful commentary, CrispyRusski compared the new UI to “a twelve-year-old’s YouTube home screen.”

The Fortnite community has voiced their thoughts loud and clear. Whether it’s the longing for simplicity, a call to declutter, or just plain dissatisfaction, it’s evident Fortnite’s UI update has ruffled some feathers. Here’s hoping the creators take note and usher in improvements that merge the old’s simplicity with the new’s innovation.