Fortnite UI Controversy: Is an Update Needed or Not?

The Fortnite community is riddled with diverse views about whether the User Interface of the game needs an update.

Not all is calm in Fortnite land as the UI of the game becomes the latest point of contention among players. One user, Lycanthropickle, sparked off a heated debate when they declared that the game’s UI needs an update, contradicting those who believe it’s fine as it stands.


  • Users are divided on the condition and need for an update of the User Interface.
  • Those in favor of the current UI believe that it’s functional and that changing it may lead to detrimental effects.
  • Those calling for an update believe that the UI’s current setup could be better.
  • Emote wheel usability is at the center of the debate.

It’s not broken, why fix it?

The Fortnite user consensus could be summarized by Glory_To_Atom’s comment, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Really.’ Hinting at the fear that an update could go south like they believe it has with Fortnite’s Battle Royale menu – as alluded to by user JoZaJaB’s comment, ‘Have you seen BR menus? We do NOT want an update if it’s gonna look like **that**’.

The Perfect Emote Wheel?

Another popular sentiment was that the emote wheel, a particular point of focus in this debate, didn’t need any tinkering. As DiamondPower500 puts it, ‘It’s perfect like this why do you need to change it’. This sentiment is also echoed by Mariec_KOT who, with some passionate language, emphasises her dislike for the idea of changing the emote wheel, even making a daring analogy, ‘Don’t touch StW emote wheel! It’s great!’.

Room for Improvement

Nevertheless, voices calling for positive change are still ringing loud. The possibility for improvement was raised by Mission-Holiday9458, with the admission, ‘Yes, the emote menu could be a bit better I guess.’.

So the community is divided and the debate rages on. One thing is clear, game developers have to walk a tightrope considering their next steps. With divided voices, striking a balance to satisfy all parties may be akin to finding a game item from a chest in Fortnite – a matter of luck.