Fortnite Trend Alert: Gamers Raise Their Voice Against Recent Locker Changes

Discover the latest feedback from hardcore Fortnite players on the recent changes in the locker’s UI design.

If you’re a Fortnite fanatic, you have likely noticed the recent changes in the locker’s UI design—a twist that hasn’t led to players jumping in joy, at least that’s what our dive into the battle royale of thoughts suggests.


  • Gamers resent the removal of special backgrounds for rare skins.
  • The locker changes are perceived to decrease functionality, making skin identification a struggle.
  • There is a high demand among users for Epic Games to revert these changes.

The Battle Over Backgrounds

One of the significant sticking points is the exclusion of the special backgrounds for special rarity skins – a change that has ruffled a few gaming feathers. “I actually hate not seeing the special backgrounds,” notes xShibata, echoing the sentiment of many.

User Interface: Frustration Station

Other players highlight issues with the interface itself. One user, AI-Sticks, mentions the struggle of locating certain categories like rare emotes, pointing out that color differentiation is harder now. Gellopello concurs, stating that sorting and identifying particular skins are complex, subtly hinting at an escalating Fortnite fiasco.

Calling for Change

While criticism is abundant, some gamers actively suggest solutions. Thesuavedog thinks that the only needed change is enabling Drag and Drop presets to order them as per preference. EcnavMC2 further adds fuel to the ‘revert-back’ movement, wishing for the main lobby UI to return to its original state.

Rarity Suppressed?

There’s also a theory afloat: Is the absence of special backgrounds a move to abandon the rarity system? Cyancat123 certainly seems to think so. This step, it is feared, could set the stage for fluctuating skin prices.

Whether the Fortnite community’s vocal outcry will lead to a roll-back remains to be seen. But one thing’s for sure, whether it’s a storm in a tea cup or a brewing tempest, the Fortnite locker changes have certainly stirred up a spirited conversation. Keep those joysticks moving and thoughts pouring… and remember, the game is always afoot with Fortnite, even if it’s about the locker UI!