Fortnite: The Deeper Story Behind Movement Speed and Animation Changes

A detailed discussion on Fortnite’s recent updates to movement speed and animation changes, based on gamers’ opinions.

Upgraded movement speed and animations in Fortnite have caused quite the stir in the gaming community, sparking a flurry of varied opinions. A post discussing these changes crawled through the internet rabbit hole and caught our attention.


  • Gamers raised concerns over the new update feeling slower than expected;
  • There’s both appreciation and criticism over the re-animation of crouching;
  • The stamina conservation feature receives a mixed response;
  • A skepticism over the motive behind the slow-paced animations is felt amongst players.

Mixed Feelings Over Speed Changes

One gamer, TheLifeIsHere, felt the Tactical Sprinting is slower but using less stamina was a ‘fair trade’ for a minor speed difference. They loved the new animations but suggested a speed increment as the characters seemed slower than the older versions. However, there’s quite a bit of puzzlement over the lethargic crouch-walking.(source)

The Crouching Debate

The crouch inertia rubbed another user, xShibata, the wrong way, declaring the slowness was to a degree of dissatisfaction. Another distressed voice, brenoCAT piqued with the poignant question, ‘why so slow?’ for the crouch walk. However, a different perspective emerged, as 777-Tlow interpreted the slower crouching as a necessary nerf, albeit admitting it’d demand some ‘getting used to.’(source)

Impacts of Slow Speeds

Questions about the rhythm given these changes were also pondered, as TotsukePrime shared a sentiment feeling that the playtime at a point of interest (POI) seems shorter before needing to run escape from the storm. That said, mabdog420 positively admits, despite the ‘slowed down action,’ he retains his enjoyment of the game’s balance in this season.(source)

Why The Changes, Anyway?

Whilst surfacing through several perspectives, AI-Sticks made an interesting guess at the developers’ intentions, suggesting the update may aim to make characters move similarly to trailers. With each façade shared by Fortnite lovers and critics alike, it’s intriguing to witness how even minute changes can impact an entire gameplay experience.(source)

The Wrap-Up

From hilarious burger-walking accusations, to serious game balancing discussions, the pulse of the Fortnite community is unmistakably diverse. Regardless of the criticism, admiration, or humor infused feedback, it always comes down to the collective passionate pulse that transforms a simple update into a relatable narrative for gamers worldwide.