Fortnite Subreddit Explodes: Inside the Daily Shop of the Game’s Future

Fans of Fortnite express their feelings about future offerings in the daily shop. Let’s check the vibe!

Tensions and tempers are frothy as Fortnite’s subreddit community responds to the ‘Daily Shop’ thread. The noteworthiness rests not only on the contents of the post itself, but rather the barrage of comments that followed its releasing.


  • Comments range from enthusiasm to confusion and a dash of skepticism
  • The general sentiment holds a negative to neutral tone, mainly revolving price points and choice of items available
  • An air of anticipation is also expressed, with users expressing wishes for favorite items return

Depth into The Discourse

One of the most upvoted comments belongs to Alphasilverhawk said that the Weeknd Combat outfit will remain in the shop until 2024, which adds a flavor of relief. There was much discussion on if this is a good deal or not afterwards.

The Price Debate

However, some users seem disheartened by the ‘overpriced’ items, as put forth in a salty comment from user realjimmyjam225. There was significant back and forth on if items were worth the cost or not, and if users’ favorite items had a place in the shop.

The Wishful Thinking

As is tradition, the thread was not devoid of wishful thinking. WhatThatButtonDo dropped the desire for Peely and Fishstick skins, a sentiment echoed by many others. Perhaps the ‘Daily Shop’ should take user desires into account?

The Budding Enthusiasm

Amid the downbeat comments, there were some users who saw a silver lining. Although not enraptured by the current distribution of the ‘Daily Shop’, HippieDogeSmokes expressed gratitude for the longitudinal store’s return, albeit with a somewhat sarcastic tone.

In this melee of a thread, what do you extract? It seems players have a complex relationship with the ‘Daily Shop’. They love some items, detest others, and are permanently on the edge of their seats for their favorite comebacks. Yes, it’s a little bit of chaos, but isn’t that what makes Fortnite…Fortnite?