Fortnite Skips to the Beat: Jump Around in Shopping Cart Made Possible By Genius Coder

In Fortnite Creative, one user has taken it upon themselves to bring a novel concept: jumping in shopping carts!

In the world of Fortnite Creative, user ‘Natorior’ has managed a programming feat, making it possible for gamers to jump in a shopping cart – a trivial, yet wildly entertaining new feature.


  • Natorior, the programmer extraordinaire, creating a novel concept in Fortnite.
  • Received widespread accolades for his comical yet creative innovation.
  • User ‘KaiGoHi’ humorously suggested implementing the same functionality for another in-game feature: mudflap.
  • The overall sentiment seen in the comments is overwhelmingly positive.

Kudos to the Coder

‘Natorior’ definitely deserves credit for mixing the fun and insanity of Fortnite by allowing characters to leap around while in a shopping cart. This humorous tweak has caused the gaming squad to erupt in appreciation for his work.

Community Reaction

Community reactions have been largely positive. ‘Miserable_Advisor_47’ gives a sincere acknowledgement of the innovation, and ‘True-Appearance490’ lauds the move by labeling it as ‘very epic.’

Community Input

‘KaiGoHi’ cheekily suggests that ‘Natorior’ should next take a look at the ‘mudflap,’ a result of the fun energy generated by the inventive update. ‘Honeydewmelo’ expresses eager anticipation for getting an input device to enjoy the new tweak.

To sum it up, Fortnite Creative has once again provided us with a euphoric moment as someone codes up a way to jump in a shopping cart (much needed!), sparking laughs, applause and a touch of awe in the process. The inventive spirit of the gaming community never ceases to amaze!