Fortnite Queue Times: A Digital Conga Line or Gaming Quagmire?

Exploring the pitfalls and public reaction to Fortnite’s lengthy queue times.

There’s a new phenomenon brewing around the globe in the beloved game, Fortnite. Players are facing surprisingly long queues just to return to their in-game lobby, bringing a tidal wave of gamer groans and clutching at controllers. The spirit of camaraderie is, ahem, ‘queue’te nowhere to be found.


  • Users are visibly upset about the extended waiting time, causing frustration and threatening in-game participation.
  • This phenomenon seems sudden and may constitute a bug or a glitch within the Fortnite system.
  • The impact is universal, affecting players across different platforms.

Players Speak Out

Scouring the interwebs, it is clear to see that the queue times in Fortnite are causing a stir. Some users are lamenting missed opportunities, like user ‘sagninaw’, who sighed about missing an event entirely due to the queue time: ‘Pissed that I woke up at 7 just to play matches and right when the event pops up I get automatically logged out and I wait 65 minutes’. Others, like ‘Hour-Suspect-7964’, have voiced concrete threats to exit the Fortnite universe entirely, citing a convoluted update process exacerbating queue woes.

Burn, Baby, Burn

The gaming community is a notoriously fiery one, passionate over even the tiniest in-game details. And in this case, the sentiment hovers somewhere around ‘are we there yet?!’ with a pinch of ‘gosh darn it!’. If Epic wants to avoid a digital standoff, as user ‘GHOSTeveoh’ humorously puts it: ‘Im at 40 rn…gonna miss this stuff, darn!’, they’ll need to clear the queue promptly.

Striking (or Struck) Gold?

This peculiar queue conundrum in Fortnite sure makes for a curious community conversation. These unexpected hurdles can either make or break a fanbase. And while Fortnite is a titan in the gaming sphere, even titans can stumble. ‘Square-String-1219’ hits this sentiment home, threatening to uninstall over the long waiting times: ‘Epic games sold out with these long queue times… gonna make folks miss the live event…’

The ball (or, perhaps, the pixelated llama) is now in Epic’s court. As Fortnite’s queue times continue to baffle and irk gamers, it serves as a stark reminder that in the virtual world, time can be just as precious as in reality. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a queue to join.