Fortnite Players Yearn for Splashy Days: ‘I miss swimming’

Fans of Fortnite’s aquatic antics feel a lack of immersive water action, yet they keep the hope afloat.

For Fortnite’s exuberant player base, recent changes have made a splash, and not in an exciting way. A popular Reddit post brings attention to a coveted in-game feature that appears to have drowned – swimming.


  • Diverse opinions circulate on the impact of the swimming feature’s removal
  • Some players express nostalgia for subaqueous shenanigans.
  • Others prefer the current, ‘drier’ game mechanics, perceived as more realistic.
  • Expectation bubbles up surrounding the feature’s potential return.

Nostalgia For Aquatic Actions

It’s evident from the shared experiences that the swimming part of Fortnite garnered a fond following. A comment from user Faustian-BargainBin enhances this sentiment: ‘Sniping people in the lake > swimming.’ Imagine the kick of submerging to avoid enemy fire, then surfacing to snipe them unexpectedly. That’s battle royale brilliance at its best!

Current Dynamics: Refreshing or Draining?

Unsurprisingly, the absence of aquatic action spurs a mixed response. There’s the camp that supports the sentiment of user windigo3 who appreciates the removal stating it’s more ‘realistic’. What’s a game without a dash of reality, right? Conversely, some players, such as the original poster, find the ‘slow water’ frustrating, missing the thrills that once came with the tide.

Future Forecast: A Wave of Hope

Amid the turmoil of opinions, user Frasten kindles hope: the swimming feature ‘is coming back in December 3rd!’. December may be known for its frosty chill, but if true, this resurgence could warm many Fortnite players’ hearts. After all, who doesn’t love a good comeback story?

The Fortnite community, as colorful and diverse as it is, remains stoically united in the face of change. Whether they’re passionate pros who fondly remember leaping like dolphins, or casual gamers who prefer the current pacing, they all sail the same vibrant seas of Fortnite. Will the return of swimming enhance their voyage or tip the boat? Only time will tell.