Fortnite Players Unite: Unpacking the Frustration with the New Locker Interface

An inside look into the heated debate sparked by Fortnite’s recent locker interface overhaul.

In a recent conversation among Fortnite enthusiasts, user Gimlis_Axe98 raised concerns over the latest redesign of the Fortnite locker interface. Gimlis_Axe98 not only finds the new format inconvenient, but also criticizes the lack of item rarity visibility, stirring a vibrant exchange among the community.


  • Frustration and dissatisfaction appear to be the prevailing sentiments surrounding the interface changes.
  • Many who voiced their opinion seem to share Gimlis_Axe98’s views, expressing a longing for a return to the previous locker system.
  • Despite the dissatisfaction, some users believe the changes to be irreversible and encourage adaptation.
  • A few users present viable suggestions for both minor and major improvements to the user interface.

Opinions and Perspectives

Users enginedayton and Josh72112 argue that the new system is a ‘step back’ and posit that the changes have negatively impacted the purchase of cosmetics. According to Josh72112, access to these cosmetics is now ‘lackluster/time consuming/negative.’ He proposes a new Locker UI concept, integrating features like preset options, sliders, and other improvements.

Critiques and Suggestions

Members, Flat_Egg_0203 and Hezers shed light on a few specific improvements, requesting a return of the rarity viewing option, and criticizing cosmetic groupings. Flat_Egg_0203 asserts that the fixes are not substantial, while Hezers echoes Gimlis_Axe98’s sentiment, bemoaning the loss of his customized locker presets.

Repetitive Remarks and Satire

Despite the mass discontent, some users display weariness toward the recurrent posts regarding the locker’s interface, accusing posters of being redundant. For instance, most_blah_3765, shamelessthrowaway54, and other users display annoyance over recurring posts about the locker issue. However, DoktorDome adopts a more sarcastic tone, mockingly suggesting that Gimlis_Axe98 is the first person to express such a dislike, and bluntly states, ‘Get used to the changes.’

Regardless of the varying opinions, it’s clear that this dissension has stirred a vigorous debate about Fortnite’s latest interface changes. This animated exchange underlines the importance of user interface and experience for ensuring player satisfaction. Despite the widespread sentiment, whether Epic Games will reconsider the changes remains to be seen. Let’s hope they do before our weary Fortnite enthusiasts venture for respite in other gaming realms of lesser locker-related discontent.