Fortnite Players Speak Out: Movement Gets Attention, UI… Not So Much?

Fortnite players express displeasure with neglected UI issues amid movement focus.

Fans of the gaming juggernaut Fortnite have taken to the web to air their frustrations about what they see as a lack of attention to user interface (UI) issues. Amid widespread discussions centered on movement mechanics in the game, these fans believe the UI deserves equal attention.


  • Players believe the focus on movement is overshadowing the need for UI improvements.
  • There is a call for better balance between gameplay and visual appeal.
  • Critics mention the discomfort of using the new locker system.

A Focus Diverted

As ChromeEnthusiast shared, much of Fortnite’s critique source comes from the Twitter community. There’s a clear call for a change to movement mechanics over the UI. However, as enginedayton passionately states, ‘This is worse than the movement change imo’.

Gameplay Over Looks

Bin_chick3n, on the other hand, revealed a preference for solid gameplay over cosmetics saying, ‘I’d rather better gameplay than game look…’. This gives an insight into what dedicated players consider a priority.

Locker Woes

Max_Azar laments the recent changes to the locker system, expressing hopes for a fix soon. Apart from discomfort, trebuchet__ mentioned that their loadout items are now separated, hinting at a decay in user experience.

It’s clear from the breeze of comments that Fortnite fans feel the UI needs as much attention as the movement mechanics. Developers have shown in the past that they have their fingers on the pulse of the community. So, here’s hoping the UI gets the love it sorely needs and that the next Fortnite update will be a UI delight!