Fortnite: Newbies Epic Adventure in the Wacky World of Build Mode

First-time Fortnite player shares hilarious and insightful experiences about the game’s build mode.

Our tale begins with an intrepid explorer, new to the peculiar world of Fortnite. This journey was set in motion by the incessant pleadings of their younger sibling. Now begrudgingly, not only did they descend into the quirky universe of Fortnite, but they found they actually…gasp…enjoy it. They’ve found the game fun and well-crafted, but there’s one aspect that has thrown them for a loop – the build mode. Armed only with their wit and every button at their disposal, they dive headfirst into treacherous battles. They even managed to identify the high-speed construction of buildings, even ones with fancy additions like guesthouses, as absurdly quick responses to getting shot at once. Yes my friends, the build mode here can be nuts.


  • Forming an initial opinion, the newbie expresses admiration for the game but finds the building aspect overwhelming and slightly ridiculous.
  • Reddit users offer a mix of advice, empathy, and ribbing reactions, revealing a deep divide within the player community on the build mode’s relevance to the game.
  • Several experienced players empathize with the poster’s sentiments while some others, proud building enthusiasts, challenge the narrative.

The Community’s Two Cents

As we spiral down into the comments, a chorus of voices chime in, forming a polyphony of experiences, opinions, and unexpected laughter. User No_Accident6205 admits, ‘As a person who loves both modes, i laughed at this lmao, why is it kinda true actually too xd Fortnite is a beautiful mix of different people.’ An understanding voice amidst the fervor, acknowledging the humorous truth in the newbie’s statements, while also highlighting the diverse player base.

The Zero Builders

Next up, we have those adventurous daredevils, the zero builders! User kojhket_hs, a self-proclaimed ‘Warzone import’ loves the zero build mode. They hilariously call it ‘easy mode’, as compared to the frantic rush of the build mode. Another fellow traveler, JacsweYT, states they prefer Zero-Build because they simply can’t build. The dissenters are real, and they’re quite vocal.

The Defenders

Last but not least, we have that last bastion of true Fortnite defenders – the builders. Some users didn’t entirely agree with our plucky newbie. User agent_abdullah betrays a hint of skepticism, saying, ‘There is no way you started a week ago and you’re getting people who build that too people who build a whole 5 story building.’ They accuse the new player of not properly understanding the game yet and urge them to keep playing and learning.

So what’s to be learnt from this cacophony of opinions? Clearly, Fortnite’s build mode stirs up players into two main camps: those who prefer the adrenaline rush of the zero build, embracing the game’s shooting essence, and those who find the intricate art of building a rewarding brain exercise and a core element of Fortnite’s charm. It’s this blend of differing gaming styles that adds flavor to Fortnite’s community, making the game all the more fun and unpredictable. To build or not to build—that, dear friends, is the question.