Fortnite Locker Sync: Players Share Their Thoughts on BR and STW Update

Players sound off on the hot-topic issue of synced lockers in Fortnite’s BR and STW modes.

In a buzzing hive of Fortnite fans, opinions were shared about the recent syncing of Battle Royale (BR) and Save the World (STW) lockers. Some views teeter on the edge of frustration, others with a dash of mild sarcasm!


  • The locker UI change stirred discomfort among gamers who welcomed the former segregation of BR and STW skins.
  • Players express annoyance in manual switching between modes.
  • Some see the locker update as unnecessary and uneasy to navigate.
  • However, approval is noticed for consistent music and saved presets.

The Locker Drama

One would think that a video game locker would hold less tension than a high school hallway, but things got rattling when Cthulhu_Lhulhu pronounced the entire locker UI a “complete mess”, quickly followed by beansoncrayons who despised the skin juggling act every time.

The Unsettling Tune

bdzz stated, “I like the STW music, so I despise changing it every time”, which could be a theme song for this entire discord. While some shared sympathy, QuestionableBruh confessed a liking to the consistent beat.

The Skin in The Game

It appears that, for some, the BR skins infiltrating STW land sit as well as oil on water. The inventory of issues nineinchgod stated was “everything” about the update, while others such as ferb73craft rather enjoyed the convenient syncing of presets. However, it’s evident that beneath the shared digital sky of Fortnite, the voices of its inhabitants remain as varied as the Battle Bus routes.

Bottom line is, gamers are a passionate breed and no update slides by unnoticed. Whether it’s a ‘Victory Royale’ or ‘Better Luck Next Time’ for Epic Games on the locker sync – the community’s got the answer. There’s no denying though, the discussion, the debates, the diatribe – they are emblematic of the churning and effervescent world that is Fortnite. So keep calm, glide on, and remember – it’s only a game. Or is it?