Fortnite Locker Redesign: A User-Friendly Experience or a UI Abyss?

Fortnite’s new locker gets slammed by players for its poor UI, turning a fun game into a frustrating experience.

The popular video game Fortnite has been all the rage among gamers. However, a recent change in the game’s user interface (UI) has caused a wave of discontent among the players, primarily focused around the redesign of the game’s locker.


  • Players are unhappy with the new locker design, finding it less user-friendly than before.
  • Critiques highlight issues such as the clunky navigation, removal of key features and the visually unappealing design.
  • Some players warn that these issues may deter them from making future in-game purchases.

Audience Reactions

Fortnite’s redesign has sparked a flurry of criticism among its users on various online platforms. One user under the username “NightTime2727” communicated about the unwelcome changes to the locker, acknowledging the lack of new outfit presets and the incorporation of presets from ‘Save the World’ into Battle Royale.

Other players, like “EcnavMC2”, took a more detailed approach, providing a critical breakdown of the changes, pointing out flaws such as the disorganization of the locker, removal of the ability to view unclaimed items, and the visual degradation.

Impact on User Experience

For many, these changes don’t just affect the aesthetics – they have a tangible impact on the player’s gaming experience. A user by the handle of “Scout_Trooper343”, summed up this sentiment, expressing their dissatisfaction with how the new UI makes basic tasks, like putting on items or searching for them, much more laborious and time-consuming.

“Saldar1234” echoed this view, voicing concerns that the update might even impact their willingness to spend money on new skins – after all, why invest in a skin pack if you have to painstakingly select it manually each time?

Not All Gloom and Doom

Though it may seem like the locker redesign was universally panned, this wasn’t quite the case. User “HereComesNik” confidently stated that they actually prefer the new UI design, proving that there can always be a silver lining, no matter how thin.

Change can be a bitter pill to swallow, especially when it seems to take a step back rather than forward. The locker redesign in Fortnite appears to be such a case, at least from the perspective of numerous outspoken players. If there’s one thing to be learned from this feedback, it’s that user experience is a critical factor in game design, a lesson Epic Games will likely take to heart for their future updates.