Fortnite Gold Bar Dilemma: Player Perceptions and Solutions

Puzzled Fortnite players question the value of in-game gold bars, while others offer potential uses.

In Fortnite’s ever-evolving landscape, a fresh question has emerged from a player identified as Galawa45. Wondering apart from vending machines, what’s the point of gold bars this season? The post raises intriguing perspectives among the Fortnite community.


  • An overall sentiment of confusion surrounds gold bars’ use and importance in the current season.

  • Apart from vending machine purchases, other potential uses of gold bars remain unclear.

  • Several players suggest emerging or overlooked features in the game where gold bars can be purposeful.

Differing Perspectives

Rufio6 humorously admits being low on bars. Using them to purchase shields which they delightfully lob at teammates and enjoy the npc functions. Whereas yellow6r indicates the option to hire NPC’s for assistance or buy weapon attachments. Proposing another perspective, dude_with_sneakers points the usage of gold bars to mod weapons at a bench, vouching for its usefulness.

Upcoming Changes

The Fortnite community is always attuned to the potential updates in the horizon. In this spirit, zeekio3 anticipates the arrival of augments which could possibly become another avenue to use these gold bars. However, without immediate updates, players like Galawa45 find themselves perplexed over the over accumulation of these shiny bars.

Practical Uses

wassailcow provides a practical solution for now, suggesting using the bars to buy quest items, such as clingers for the weekly which could aid in sustaining interest and promoting active player engagement.

It’s clear that the Fortnite community is filled with a mix of perplexed, humorous, and insightful gamers who are trying to navigate their way through this puzzling dilemma of accumulating gold bars. While some users sit on virtual gold treasures unsure of what to do with them, others are coming up with creative ways to involve these sparkling valuables in their gameplay. Given these discussions, Epic games might be impelled to elucidate and potentially expand gold bars’ role in the Fortnite experience.