Fortnite Glow Berries Debate rages on – A Case For and Against

Fortnite fans are in debate over the effectiveness of Glow Berries. Our deep-dive investigates all sides of the discussion.

Fortnite, in its ever-evolving nature continues to introduce fresh gameplay elements, the recent of which – Glow Berries, has the fanbase divided.


  • Many players believe that the berries are underpowered
  • A section of gamers consider these as a bugged feature
  • Some are unhappy with additional mobility from berries
  • Others seem to enjoy the novelty of the new feature

The Problem With The Glow Berries

Comments from Fortnite fans, such as ‘Blackcloud2’, suggest that the Glow Berries do not provide enough benefit for players. They state, ‘They heal for ten shield only, the effect lasts way to short to bother using it like a mobility item.’ This sentiment extends to yet another frustrated player, ‘HippieDogeSmokes’, who bluntly contends, ‘they suck.’.

Bugs or Features?

A comical take is presented by ‘JockoGood’, who questions, ‘Wait… did the glow think which looks like a steroid enhanced slap juice make you jump too high and end up eliminating you? WTF?’

This comment sums up a major concern among players: are the berries acting as intended, or are they causing unintended in-game issues?

The Bigger Picture

Setting berries aside, user ‘-OGFlex’, asserts, ‘This season is shit.’ This comment hints at a larger discontentment simmering within a faction of the Fortnite community, which may have little to do with berries at all. But with the game ever-evolving, will this sentiment endure?

In the end, the Glow Berries reveal themselves as another spark in the ongoing dialogue between Fortnite’s devotees and skeptics. As the community continues its discourse, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for the next item to experience the spotlight’s glare or shadow.