Fortnite Fun Fact: Unique Glitch Led to Purchase Old Starter Packs!

Discover an insightful recollection of a Fortnite gaming bug that offered old starter packs.

In the unpredictable world of the Fortnite game, an interesting incident was reported where players got a chance to journey back in time and fill up their cart with old starter packs! Now there’s something you don’t stumble upon every day!


  • Old Starter packs were mistakenly made available for purchase
  • Epic games fixed the bug in record time – just three days!
  • Players were surprisingly unflustered and accepting of this bug and its eventual fix

Players Reactions

Some of the hilarious and succinct responses from our fellow Fortnite fans are worth mentioning.

Dang, Epic took 3 WHOLE days to fix it? Better watch out for those speedy updates.‘, said an amused nuyemirosaq while another gamer, DartBoardGamer, declared, ‘I think I’m more mad that they fixed it.’

A Idea of a Bygone Era

Some users took this incident as a triggering point to revisit older memories. DerekMilewski commented, ‘I’m pretty sure a lot of people weren’t even playing during that time since it got extended a lot and people weren’t happy with everything that happened‘. This suggests that perhaps player sentiment during that era played a role in mitigating any potential outrage.

Regrets and Wishes

Another player, ZeRo_WC, displayed nostalgic regret over missing out on the opportunity, saying ‘Damn wished I had a of back then get rogue agent. That’s the only starter pack I’m missing‘.

In this fast-paced gaming universe, this ‘blast from past’ incident served as a reminder of the capricious nature of digital environments. A bug, a glitch and all of the sudden, old starter packs were back in the game! For some players, this bug harked back to an era they might not have been a part of, eliciting feelings of nostalgia. For others, it was a missed opportunity, a could-have-been scenario. Regardless, it amplified the excitement in the community and cemented Fortnite’s unpredictability as one of its main attractions.