Fortnite Fumble: Unexpected Firearms Sudden Appearance In the LTM, Players React!

Fortnite players express confusion and text LOLs over the unexpected appearance of guns in the supposedly gun-free LTM.

In a latest twist in the ‘Fortnite’ saga, players have found an unexpected surprise in the limited-time mode (LTM). This blog warmed its virtual hands by the heat of the discussion on a thread started by Burgerkingoof, which rang out, ‘Why tf are there guns in the ltm??????’, setting off a volley of responses from mystified gamers.


  • Burgerkingoof questions why there are guns in LTM when he thought it should be a gun-free experience.
  • Fellow players express agreement, confusion, and sarcasm adding to the chaotic chime.
  • Some users find humor in the situation, lampooning developer Epic Games for forgetting to disable guns in LTM.

Pistemology: How did the Guns get in LTM?

Few users like Rev-On voiced their surprise, sharing that they were ‘running solo when a squad came out with guns.’

With others like SleepingYuuki pointed out that, ‘Guns are found in Combat Caches + a pistol on reboot’, indicating that a source for weapons exists even in this mode.

A Laugh at Epic’s Expense

Adding a dash of humor, iqramellouzz facetiously stated, ‘Lol gotta love when epic forgets to disable the guns in an ltm 🤦‍♂️ ruins all the fun smh.’

shutupimlearning sarcastically noted, ‘Why tf do we need 20 posts about this?????’, clearly implying that either the community’s confusion or the misstep itself amused them.

A Different Perspective

Patient-Middle3880 on the other hand, had no issue with the situation. They stated, ‘Idk I found no problem with it. I just didn’t take the rules seriously.’ It seems that some used the unpredictability in the game as a whimsical diversion, and not necessarily a problem.

In the end, if you are expecting a serene, gun-less utopia when you switch to Fortnite’s Limited-Time Mode, you might be in for a surprise. Whether you react with confusion, amusement, or a degree of devil-may-care gaiety is, of course, up to you. But isn’t that unpredictability part of what keeps gamers hooked on Fortnite? Gun or sans gun, Fortnite’s LTM seems set to continue its reign of popularity among gamers.