Fortnite Frustration: Unpacking Community’s Love-Hate Relationship with ‘This Gun’

Discover how the Fortnite community straddles the line between love and hate for a vexing in-game weapon.

The Fortnite community is divided over a specific weapon, with some claiming it has made the game drastically more frustrating. The weapon in question has garnered a mix of both positive and negative sentiments from players, as seen in the insightful and downright hilarious comments they leave.

The Good, the Bad, and the Frustrating

  • The weapon allegedly slowed down in-game rushing tactics, as noted by SnooTangerines9238 in a comment that could be termed as the facetious synthesis of relief and annoyance. Check his full context here.
  • Some players, like BelleDelphinesToilet, consider it perfect for their poor shooting skills, allowing them to still enjoy the game despite lack of pinpoint accuracy.
  • There’s also a group, represented by ramensodelicious, who enjoy the weapon but feel it’s somehow stronger when used against them.
  • ItsTreganometry interestingly mentioned that the gun ‘does what it needs to do…’ but failed to provide additional words of praise.

From Annoyance to Acceptance

Despite the annoyance, some players see the benefits of the weapon. Case in point: BelleDelphinesToilet confesses that ‘It’s perfect for bad shooters like myself’. Meanwhile, tangiblenoah67 points out that ‘it’s pretty good and if you’re smart you can play against it’, suggesting some tactical counterplay is possible.

‘Just Deal With It’

Among the most amusing takes is the somewhat stoic and defeatist attitude from users like Knight-112 and welp42 who believe that a) The weapon will soon be phased out and b) Just because the gun can be used against you doesn’t make it annoying or bad.

Fond Memories and Parting Shots

Interestingly, TheBroomSweeper had a somewhat nostalgic look back, mentioning they ‘liked it better when it sucked in Season 9 and no one used it’. From chief-chirpa587’s resentment to OkamiRoxas’ jovial sonic illustration, the Fortnite community remains creatively vocal about their feelings on the weapon.

All in all, it seems the Fortnite community’s relationship with this particular weapon can be aptly described as a love-hate one.