Fortnite Frenzy: The Jamming Tunes in Lobby Music Debate

A dive into the Fortnite community’s popular demand for jam tracks as lobby music. Read the discussion and insights here.

Fortnite enthusiasts, TheBestPossibleDude made a striking suggestion that has stimulated a lot of chatter amongst the gamers. They pitched the idea of using jam tracks as lobby music, wondering why this isn’t a feature yet.


  • The suggestion is largely appreciated, with users enthusiastically waiting for the feature to roll out.
  • There’s a notable sentiment of light-hearted impatience towards the game developers for not introducing the feature yet.
  • Some argue the entertainment value it would add, especially during those long waits for matches.

Community Response

First off, mikelman999 hints at some inside scoop, stating “You will in a future update“. This has lit a fuse of anticipation among the community.

Kuyet312 chimed in saying, “Now I’ll never be bored of waiting to find a 160s match thanks to my jam tracks 🙂” suggesting the entertainment value this feature could bring specifically during match waiting times.

Humor All Around

njixgamer sprinkled some humor into the mix saying, “You really want to listen to buddy holly when queuing“. The light-hearted jesting that ran throughout the conversation kept the discussion engaging and entertaining.

Not Just About Music Choice

toomerboomer made an important point that this is the Save the World subreddit, introducing a broader perspective that Fortnite isn’t just about Battle Royale, but also encompasses other modes too, acknowledging that the music choice could cater to different tastes catered by the different modes.

Though TheBestPossibleDude’s idea was received with fun and enthusiasm, there were also insightful points raised around game modes and the overall Fortnite experience. The jesting note that this conversation took, added an enjoyable twist to the otherwise tactical and serious gaming talks, rekindling the perception of gaming being fun, after all.