Fortnite Frenzy: Reaping the Benefits of a Random PL 78 Weapon Drop

Discover the mixed reactions and strategic advice of the Fortnite community when one player receives an unlikely treasure trove.

Something unexpected occurred in the world of Fortnite. A user named ‘ROMANREIGNS599’ ended up with a bounty of high-level weapons and is left wondering what to do with this inventory windfall. As serendipity would have it, the response from the community was nothing short of hilarious yet insightful!


  • While some users believe that keeping these powerful items for advanced missions is the best course of action, others argue for recycling them for crafting materials.
  • The user’s level of 78 (PL 78) also became a point of discussion – is it worth it to use these high-consumption weapons at this early stage? Or should they be saved for later?
  • There’s a universal agreement on the value and usefulness of traps, suggesting the user to store and utilize them effectively.

Community by Ton: Advice or Comedy?

A few users like Kuyet312 and Trylena suggested to put the weapons and traps in storage for future use in high-end missions, adding weight to the ‘save it’ camp. Conversely, users like Environmental-Net547 lean more towards recycling the items for crafting materials due to the high ammo consumption of the deatomizer. And then… we have YaBoiChrome, who suggested an… err, rather intimate relationship with the items!

Taking it with a Pinch of Salt

This unique situation stirred up quite the conversation in the Fortnite community. There are some who are envious, others who wish to exchange their items for the lucky user’s windfall while certain characters simply responded in comical disbelief. It’s safe to say, this post had everyone holding their breaths… and their laughter!

Wrapping the Package

Sprinkled with a healthy dose of humor and well-though-out advice from seasoned players, the Fortnite community comments were a mixed bag of amusement and strategy. Now, whether our lucky user decides to use the weapons, save them for later or recycle them – that’s entirely up to them! Oh, and YaBoiChrome, no making out with the weapons, please!