Fortnite Frenzy: Players Call for the End of Daily XP Limit in Save the World

Fortnite fans express their frustration about the daily XP limit in the game’s Save the Word mode. Here’s a deep-dive into the heated talks.

The world of Fortnite, particularly its Save the World mode, is currently embroiled in a heated discussion led by player Less_Tennis5174524 who called out the daily XP limit.


  • Less_Tennis5174524 criticizes the daily XP limit in Fortnite’s Save the World mode, pointing out it’s unfair to players who can only play 1-2 sessions per week.
  • He suggested that the daily XP limit should entirely be removed or creators should find a way to stop AFK (Away From Keyboard) grinding.
  • He indicated that this limit was initially justified as Battle Royale was the main mode, a reason that doesn’t hold weight anymore.

Player’s Perspective

User archer_uwu defended Epic’s xp cap, stating that removing the cap would not only be nonsensical but also encourage players to ‘afk endurances’, allowing them to complete their Battlepass in just few days. He argued that this cap encourages diversification, urging players to try different modes rather than sticking to just one.

AFKing Effects

Backing this perspective was JG_Pudge who placed the blame on players who ‘AFK Endurance’, revealing that the limitation was actually a response to this kind of behavior. TheMikey2207 also echoed these sentiments, stating that while it sucks for casual players, the blame should be placed on those who abuse the system, not Epic.

Monetization Perspective

MeLikeBigBoom-_- presented an alternate take – removing the cap could dry up Epic’s cash cow, Battle Royale, leading to them not taking this radical shift into consideration. It is clear that factors beyond player satisfaction come into play here.

As evident from the differing views, the daily XP limit in Fortnite’s Save the World elicits strong reactions from its player base. The cited comments indeed demonstrate the multi-faceted aspects of this issue. While removal of the limit may seem like the natural solution to accommodate casual players, Epic must also consider those who could exploit such a change, potentially destabilizing game balance. Balancing player satisfaction with game integrity seems to be the real challenge here, posing a difficult conundrum for the creators of Fortnite.